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About Us

Since 1999 The Placebo has operated as an all ages, collectively run, drug/alcohol/violence/ hate free (racismsexismhomophobia) art and music venue based on principles similar to those of the founders of Berkeley's 924 Gilman Street Project. We host live music,dances, movie screenings, skill shares, and are dedicated to youth empowement!

There is a $2 yearly membership that is required to attend our events (bands get free membership). It basically states that you won’t do drugs, drink, or vandalize the venue. Our official substance policy is harm reduction. We are not here to judge lifestyle choices, but we are committed to creating a space for all. We are a 501 C3 non-profit organization (thank you Ink People!). The Placebo’s annual events include: Bummerfest, the 24-hour yard sale, Punk Prom, and the punk picnic.

Logistics: Arcata/Eureka is halfway between Portland and San Francisco on highway 101. We host diverse events that are supportive of the all ages/ D.I.Y. ethic. We usually feed bands and invite them to stay at our homes in addition to payment. The type of shows and how often they happen depends a lot on who all is participating in the collective. It’s a small community, so if we can’t book a show for you, we’ll forward your request to someone nice!

8-Bit, This Bike is a Pipebomb, Romanteek, Tara Jane O'Neil, Pipedown,Thought Riot, Mirah, Karate, Joan of Arc, Acts of Sedition, Subtle, The Sharp Ease, Grand Buffet, The Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower, and Jason Webley are just a few of the touring bands who have played Placebo shows.

The best ways to get in touch is thru facebook.