Grace Smith House, Inc.

  • NY


1 Brookside Avenue
United States

About Us

The mission of Grace Smith House, Inc. is to enable women and their children to live free from domestic violence through:

Providing shelter and apartments, advocacy, counseling, and education; Raising the consciousness of the community regarding the extent, type and seriousness of domestic violence; Initiating and taking positions on public policies in order to provide options which empower victims of domestic violence.

We are able to implement our mission statement through six (6) guiding principles:

Safety We provide an environment of physical and emotional safety for all. We trust in one another to share our commitment to non-violence in all that we say and do. We work to make our community a safer place;

Accountability We are accountable to the people we serve, to our supporters and volunteers, to the people of Dutchess County, and to each other. We relentlessly pursue offender accountability across systems. We demonstrate our commitment to accountability with transparent communications, honesty, and measurable outcomes;

Respect We honor that each person has their own path of self-determination and will with a promise for greatness beyond what we could imagine for them ourselves. We create opportunities for all people to live to their fullest potential and empower them to follow the course of their dreams without judgment or criticism;

Education We seek to inform ourselves and others of the root causes of domestic violence, the systemic challenges, and opportunities for change. We challenge our society to raise its consciousness and answer the call to stop tolerating domestic violence. We understand that for victims of domestic violence, knowledge is power;

Kindness We approach all that we do with tenacity and compassion, sensitive to the complex needs of each person. We seek to understand each individual’s situation and perspective, gently guiding them to their reservoir of strength and positive sense of self. We are enduringly hopeful, hospitable, and accepting. We embrace the belief that all things are possible, and our door remains open to all who need our support;

Visionary With courage and determination we constantly evolve into an organization that is employing evidence-based and best practices to meet the needs of the community we serve. We conduct ourselves with fairness, flexibility, and an openness to change. We are forward thinking and we embrace the opportunity to always do better.