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About Us


SADIL-TOGO (Structure d’Appui pour le Développement des Initiatives Locales au Togo) is an independent, non-partisan, nonprofit organisation that was founded in 2008 by two  ex-AIESEC employees from Togo (Eloi Aboutou) and the Netherlands (Jacob Roex). They combined their professional strengths to create an organisation that helps underprivileged children in the most remote areas of Togo. By focusing on Education, Children’s Rights and Health/Sanitation, SADIL-TOGO aims to improve opportunities for these children and support their progression to adulthood.


- 'Education Pour Tous'
An ongoing project that aims to provide primary and secondary education to disadvantaged children. Currently, around 150 children in 20 schools in 14 villages are supported by international sponsors, who pay for their education and school materials.

- Ad hoc projects
SADIL-TOGO organises projects and awareness campaigns on topics such as HIV/AIDS, children's rights, and prevention of child trafficking. The duration of these events varies from one day to several weeks.

- Consultancy work
SADIL-TOGO provides technical advice to the town council and the regional government. It advises these local structures on planning activities and project development. 


On a regular basis, SADIL-TOGO employs interns from abroad that want to develop their experience within development work. So far, we have welcomed 17 international interns, independently and via AIESEC, from countries such as the UK, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, China and Columbia. 

SADIL-TOGO Partners:

SADIL-TOGO has formed partnerships with organizations such as AIESEC, PLAN International and UN Habitat. We receive advice from these organisations about how to run projects and have previously organised projects together. We also receive funding from national NGO partners (GRADSE, CREUSET Togo, CACIT Togo), the Togolese Ministries of Human Rights, Education, Development and Environment, and the Postal Service of Togo.  

The co-founder of SADIL-TOGO Jacob Roex, who is based in the Netherlands, provides advice on organizational strategy, project planning and budgeting. 


SADIL-TOGO operates in the Central region of Togo. The main office is based in Tchamba, with a regional office in the town of Sotouboua. From these bases, we visit the villages in which we work.


For more information please email, or visit our website, or Facebook page entitled 'Friends of SADIL-TOGO'.