BonZeb, Inc

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About Us

BonZeb was founded in 2011 and became a 501c3 charitable organization in 2014. With a board of 9, (three Haitian and six US), it’s mission is to create living-wage jobs, while establishing Haitian owned and operated small businesses, through the production of affordable charcoal using environmentally sustainable biomass and a financially sustainable business model and to work with other NGO’s and organization to serve Haiti’s poorest families. It currently is working with a $150,000USD budget and has 94 employees in Haiti.

Our vision is:

·       To provide an environment that enables and encourages right-relationships with God, other people, and God’s creation.

·       To promote collaboration and networking with businesses and organizations working in Haiti and in alternative energy projects throughout the Caribbean.

·       To use these relationships to support self-sufficient businesses throughout Haiti which provide services to people of every economic status and develop educated, capable professionals from within the local community.

·       To increase the awareness of the plight of Haitian people through service and immersion projects and mission trips.

·       To collaborate with businesses and organizations working in Haiti and throughout the Caribbean adding value to the joint effort via our renewable energy technology and methods.

·       To facilitate the creation and growth of truly sustainable businesses in Haiti and the Caribbean.