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About Us

Through practical community development experiences, showing how economic growth can accelerate without major damage to environment and/or social interactions...Volunteers applying for our programs have assuredly something to provide, but are they drawing by the same...from Indigenous African many ways.

Our prospective Volunteers are sought to whether participate in ongoing environmental design, farming/agricultural projects, gender related issues in some specific programs, consolidating the organizational profile of emerging ones. The best way to address these above-mentioned issues (we humbly think) is to have the prospective Volunteer to start working out a draft “road map” as how He or She is intended to extend his/her volunteer experience within the Motherland… (Senegal in this case) …the more focus the better chance to address the specific Volunteer Offer in question.

Especially those interested in african arts and culture perspectives can contact our Head Arts & Culture Affairs and discuss about opportunities in Volunteering/informal practical learning...Let us know about your ideas, suggestions..