I-Park Foundation Inc.

  • Connecticut


428 Hopyard Road
East Haddam
United States

About Us

The I-Park Mission nurturing artists and the creative process - in the fine arts and in nature

Set within a 450-acre nature preserve, our program has sponsored almost 900 fully funded artists’ residencies since 2001 and built an outstanding reputation within the field. I-Park’s quiet, retreat-type environment allows artists to experiment with new ideas, do research and undertake aesthetic investigations while developing existing projects and starting new ones.  I-Park’s rich, varied landscape has also inspired a special interest in site-responsive, environmental art, to which many of our artists have been drawn.


I-Park is both an open-air and a closed-studio laboratory for individual creative pursuits in the fields of music composition/sound art, the visual arts, creative writing, moving image and architecture/landscape design. From insights developed in the laboratory setting, it also develops and sponsors specially-themed cross-disciplinary projects of cultural significance, and brings these discoveries to light in the public domain.

I-Park is a truly stimulating environment in which to work and grow. Surrounded by an international mix of highly creative artists working in various disciplines, with all the fascinating daily challenges they serve up, and in the midst of a peaceful, though dynamic, landscape/artscape – you have the opportunity to fashion a virtuous blend of structure/competence and permissiveness. Creating this vibe is more art than science, but you will figure it out, with as much or as little support as you would like to call upon from the deep well of institutional knowledge and support that’s available to you.