Yaşama Dair Vakif

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About Us

Yaşama Dair Vakıf (YADA Foundation) was established in 2005 in Ankara by a group of social scientists and project managers. The founder team of YADA had participated in many research and implementation projects under the name of “YADA Project Group” before the foundation.

YADA aims to produce knowledge and information on each aspect of life and to transmit them into practical and feasible implementation projects serving for the common good. In this sense, the basic mission of the foundation can be defined as bridging the gap between the academic world and the daily life, i.e. between “theory” and “everyday life.” Apart from its scientific character, the foundation is an implementation center which is designed to produce feasible and sustainable policies/projects.

YADA designs and conducts research, implementation and monitoring-evaluation projects on diverse fields of activity including civil society, environment, youth, active living, development and agriculture, corporate social responsibility, etc. In all studies it conducts or takes part in, YADA adopts a comprehensive approach that takes into account the complicated and multi-dimensional natures of social phenomena.