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About Us


Mission Statement:

I Am My Sister’s mission is to Inspire teen girls to love who they are…help them figure out where they are going…provide the resources to help them get there. We are committed to empowering teen girls ages 13-19 through leadership development, self-esteem and character building, as well as helping them to learn the value of community engagement and service.



To provide workshops that allows teen girls to express and embrace all of their gifts and talents and build leadership skills, confidence and character all while having fun;

To facilitate and organize clubs and provide community outreach programs;

To educate and bring awareness surrounding issues that influence and change the way teenage girls think, feel and carry themselves;

To integrate community engagement and community service learning in all clubs and extended programs;

To incorporate the family unit to support the growth and development of teenage girls.

Program Focus:

Through clubs, workshops, mentoring programs and organizational partnerships, I Am My Sister programs focus on the following subject matter:

- Self-Esteem, Empowerment & Character Building

- Leadership Development

- Teen Dating Violence Prevention

- Healthy Bodies; Women’s Health on a Teenage Level

- Community Service and Mentoring

- Abstinence, Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Education

- Obesity Prevention

- Financial Literacy


About Our Logo:

Pearls are our symbol, an active part of our logo, because they are both a symbol of femininity and achievement.

Like a strand of pearls, every experience is a collection of life changing moments of growth and discovery.


I Am My Sister is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization targeting at-risk teenage girls in the United States, with an immediate focus in North Carolina. I Am My Sister’s initiative and drive surrounds offering clubs, workshops and community outreach programs that improve the fabric of the community through the nurturing and development of at-risk teenage girls through the use of grants, donations and corporate sponsorship. This agenda is advanced in a three tier process which fully integrates the programs offered, the community as a whole and the corporate/business community.

First tier is the grass roots campaign of reaching directly into schools, agencies, community programs and churches with clubs, instructional programs, workshops, etc. for teenage girls and their peers with specifically designed programs to meet their identifiable needs.

Second tier is the involvement of I Am My Sister with the surrounding communities in getting the word out that assistance is available and who we are and what is offered.

Third tier, which builds on the previous two focuses on professional development of the girls once they have been through the building process of creating self-esteem, focusing on goals, etc. and transitioning them into their futures by providing education and professional development; such as work internships, interviewing skills, decision-making abilities, goal setting and personal management issues. All clubs and extended programs integrate a community service learning component.

We are helping to identify the problem, recruiting help and resources as well as get the word out and then offer a long term productive solution which will ultimately benefit the community as a whole.

The strongest geometric shape is a triangle for good reason. There are three acute angles and three sides which can all be manipulated to retain its shape but still be flexible enough to remain strong.


Website: www.iammysister.org * Email: info@iammysister.org * Telephone: 704-524-7376

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