The Tribute Center

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22 cortlandt Street
New York
United States

About Us

The Tribute WTC Visitor Center opened on the ground floor and lower level of one of downtown’s historic buildings at 120 Liberty Street on September 18, 2007.

The Tribute Center is a unique destination for the estimated 8.1 million tourists who will be visiting Lower Manhattan before the completion of the Memorial Museum in 2010. Local, national and international visitors flood the World Trade Center site, eager to learn more and to connect to the profound events that took place on September 11th. The Center also serves the millions of local residents and commuters who were impacted by the events of September 11th. At the Tribute Center, all visitors will be personally welcomed by a gallery guide and will then move into the exhibit to find an extremely unique collection of stories that reveal the diverse perspectives on the powerful events that occurred.

The Tribute Center is composed of five galleries on two floors. People’s individual experiences are revealed in memorable short stories told in their own voices.