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About Us

The “Ceiba” is a tree found in Mexico, Central and South America that is known for its strength and magnificence. In Maya civilization, it was revered as the tree of life. We believe that education is a source of life as well, and that with the proper nurturing and perseverance every student has the ability to be successful.

The name Ceiba embodies not only our belief in the importance of education, but also the qualities we instill in our students. The school fosters a supportive and rigorous environment where every student can develop the following personal attributes:

Creativity to develop original ideas and concepts in the pursuit of knowledge Effort to pursue their dreams, no matter how distant or impossible they may seem Integrity to be honest and upright community members Benevolence to be well meaning and kind to others, even in the face of injustice Assertiveness to speak confidently while respecting the believes of others

At Ceiba, we believe that students flourish in a structured learning environment of mutual respect. All members of our school community are expected to take responsibility for their decisions--celebrating our accomplishments, reflecting on our mistakes, and working together in order to improve.