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About Us

Book Fruits has transformed into Lifting Voices! We have changed our name and and a bit of our mission. Please take a look at: or find us at our Lifting Voices page on Idealist by searching for Lifting Voices.

Book Fruits leverages the power of words to a comprehensive approach to social justice.

We believe that reading and writing give us richer, better informed, and more complex lives. But all too often, marginalized communities are written to, or about, or on—not from. At Book Fruits, we’ve seen that all people benefit from living in close proximity to the written word. Through our writing workshops and our independent press, we give people the power to tell their own stories. This vital service raises silenced voices, giving them access to language-rich worlds.

And because we know that words cannot be eaten, Book Fruits donates a full 20 percent of the revenue from every workshop we conduct and book we sell to charities that provide material services. In this way Book Fruits nourishes and sustains the people we serve, helping to support them as they make their voices heard.

Book Fruits helps people engage with and create texts that reflect their own lives. We’re committed to leveraging the power of the written word to make a difference in the lives of people in our community.