Zara Aina

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po box 1199
New York

United States

About Us

Zara Aina is a nonprofit arts organization with a mission to offer children in Madagascar the tools to succeed as students, storytellers and citizens by producing their original works of theatre and providing the resources for them to continue their education.

Zara Aina has assembled a n international team of artist that staff a clubhouse for homework help, english classes, arts and theatrical story telling education in Antananarivo, Madagascar.  This space also serves as the distribution center for medical aid, clothing, food and educational support for their Youth Company comprised of At-Risk Children from the streets of Ankorondrano, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the world.

Zara Aina is very active in the United states as well, Spreading their message of empowerment through theatre to communities in need in America.

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Lucas, Bryce and the Share Life Posse

Zara Aina is a Malagasy expression that means SHARE LIFE. it is a reminder that we are ALL in this together. It is a call to arms to the more fortunate of us to help those in need. It is a promise that life is a gift that grows exponentially the more you share it with each other. It is a smile and a full bodied wave from a stranger. It is the invaluable reward that comes from fostering possibility in a child's life. It is the hope in the darkness before the curtain rises on a wondrous show...
Please take the time to check out our website and get involved, you've got a lot of life to share.