Next Generation Global Education

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About Us

 Next Generation Global Education’s Vision is to establish global educational reform by returning learning back to the learners.

Our Mission is to create a network of Sustainable, Global Communities of Practice (SGCoPs) where learners, regardless of age, race or creed, direct their own learning for the purpose of solving real world problems. 

Our Strategy is to follow The Matrix of the Learner:

1) EXPLORE things which support our interests a sustainable global community. Studies show interests and motivation are key to a learners success.
2) LEARN those things that excite our curiosity, stimulate our imagination and drive us to want more. (This is the research phase)

3) MASTER KNOWLEDGE by making the learning meaningful through practice and application. 

4) CREATE an artifact(s) resulting from our learning.  Artifact examples include: a “How to” movie explaining in detail the process of building or making something,  lists of resources to share with our global partners et.
5) GIVE BACK, share your knowledge with other learners.

Our Value Statement: NGGE believes that – 

  1. Individuals are born innately curious and eager to learn. Learner-driven questions, derived from an individual’s natural curiosity forms the basis of a personalized and meaningful education.  Traditional education (both public & private) has created artificial groups of learners, based on age, rather than developmental abilities and curiosities.
  2. When individuals come together to solve a problem of interest that has a positive impact on our global citizens, everyone benefits.  This is an underlying tenant of Communities of Practice (COPs).
  3. Collectively we have the ability to restructure how we learn and what we learn to reform traditional education, placing it back in the hands of learners.