Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations

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About Us

The Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations is composed of independent organizations whose unity of purpose is a secular expression of our Jewish heritage, with particular emphasis on the cultural and ethical precepts of Jewish learning. For us the continuity and survival of the Jewish people is paramount; our prophetic tradition of social justice and humanism is the foundation upon which our continuity is built. It provides us with standards for the conduct of our own lives and those of succeeding generations.

Our people's history has been shaped by all aspects of the Jewish experience. As Jewish organizations with a secular world view we stress the historic, cultural, and ethical aspects of our Jewishness in an effort to create identity which is relevant to contempory life and which is committed to the social values of justice, peace, and community responsibility.

Although the Jews are a world people with a mosaic of views and beliefs, we hold that it is not only possible but essential for Jewish survival that Jews of all persuasions participate together in Jewish community programs of mutual interest.

Our schools and adult and youth groups function outside the framework of organized religion and carry out programs of education directed towards understanding our people's past and enriching our present Jewish lives. These programs include study of our tradition, history, literature, music, art, languages (Yiddish as a vital instrument of expression of a significant period of our history; Hebrew as it relates to modern Israel; and other languages created out of the Jewish experience). Creative approaches to holiday celebrations provide an opportunity to reflect upon our cultural and historic heritage and to relate their significance to present-day life.

We have ties with Jews everywhere in the world and are concerned with their welfare as individuals and as Jews. We are hopeful that peace will come to the Middle East and to the State of Israel, which is home to a significant and vital part of the world Jewish community.

Through programs of educational, cultural, and social activity we hope to instill in our members and ever-deepening sense of identity and pride in the Jewish people to help insure our survival and continuity.