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About Us

Central Valley Health Network (CVHN) is a health center controlled network comprised of 13 Community Health Center corporations designated as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) located in, and serving, high need rural communities throughout California’s greater Central Valley area. CVHN’s mission is to advocate for community health centers’ strength in the marketplace and to support members’ effective delivery of high quality and accessible health care.

CVHN members provide preventive primary care services and advocate on behalf of low-income and medically underserved families throughout the northern, Central Valley, and Inland Empire areas of California.  CVHN members have over 100 health center sites in 20 counties that provide over 2.4 million encounters to over 575,000 patients annually, of whom 76% are at or below 100% of federal poverty level, 50% Medi-Cal, 35% uninsured, 65% Latino, and 33% farmworkers.

CVHN is one of the largest networks of FQHCs in the United States, and staff work closely with the National Association of Community Health Centers and the California Primary Care Associations to ensure FQHCs are supported as a vital part of the health care system. CVHN’s network is also recognized nationally as one of the largest networks of migrant health centers serving rural, farmworking populations and their families. Our members serve almost 47% of agricultural workers that are served by health centers in the State of California and almost 21% of agricultural workers served by health centers in the United States. 

CVHN not only provides national, state and local advocacy efforts, they also provide other program service support to FQHC’s in the following areas: workforce development, quality improvement, health improvement technology, outreach, education and enrollment, prevention services, public relations, resource development, technical assistance and training to members to improve the delivery of primary care services to uninsured and underserved communities.