Maryland New Directions

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About Us

Our mission is to train and coach people facing career and life transitions to overcome barriers, restore self-belief, and acquire the skills and tools needed to secure employment.

MND's Career Focus program offers job readiness training to Baltimore City residents who are struggling with significant barriers to employment. Clients attend workshops to learn to think like an employer, identify skills, set goals, search for jobs online, and much more. Also, in one-on-one appointments, clients learn to write resumes, practice interviewing, and receive career counseling.Clients use our computer lab to conduct job searches and may continue to meet with staff members for guidance after the program ends. Job-ready clients may meet with our Employment Specialist to connect with our partner employers who are looking for workers. Many clients also enroll in our computer literacy classes to help them learn programs and use the internet.

Maryland New Directions is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit career counseling and job placement agency dedicated to assisting low-income individuals to become self-sustaining members of the community. Founded in 1973 as Baltimore New Directions for Women, more than 130,000 clients have made significant, employment-related life changes.