Union Avenue Christian Church

  • MO


733 Union Blvd
St. Louis
United States

About Us

Union Avenue Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), is a St. Louis, Missouri, faith community where diverse hearts and minds come together to worship God and demonstrate Christ's love by becoming Biblically informed, socially responsible, and artistically alive.

Our congregation is diverse in age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, biblical interpretation, HIV status, physical ability, and political inclination. We celebrate and honor that diversity and welcome the struggle necessary to maintain it. This diversity is exemplified in our leadership, our study together, and even in the comfort of our various dress styles. There is often someone in a dress suit on Sunday morning sitting near another person in casual clothing, including shorts.

Union Avenue Christian Church is a progressive congregation located in the Central West End of St. Louis (733 Union Blvd). We are part of a mainline denomination called The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) which values diversity of thought. As you consider your faith journey and know that you want to be part of a people who thoughtfully read and openly share their opinions, this could be a community for you. If you are hungry for spiritual development and discipline, you might find a pathway for personal growth at Union Avenue Christian. If you have come to realize that artistic expression is God’s gift and an important avenue for God’s message, you will find many others at Union Avenue with that clarity. If you are strongly convinced that God has called us to serve others and to be a part of restorative justice for all peoples, there is a place for you to join others at Union Avenue.