Lugu Lake Mosuo Cultural Development Association

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About Us

The Mosuo are an indigenous ethnic minority in China, who have their own unique and distinctive language, culture, and history, all of which are quite different from the Han Chinese majority. Among their more fascinating traits, the Mosuo are one of the few remaining matriarchal cultures on the planet, where women are the head of the house, own the property, and pass down property through the women. The Mosuo also generally do not practice marriage, but rather a system of relationships best described as "serial monogamy", where while they are in a particular relationship they are expected to remain monogamous; but there is no expectation of lifelong bondings, and couples are free to split and find new partners if unhappy with the current relationship.

The LLMCDA is an organization run by the Mosuo themselves, and focuses on areas such as cultural preservation, education, economic development, environmental protection, etc. More detailed info can be found on our websites at (English) or (Chinese)