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About Us

Bak 2 Afrika is a youth group organization founded by a young Ghanaian man Kwabena Yeboah. Our organization is operates in the Greater Region, Volta Region, Central Region and Eastern Region and its rural communities.


i. To improve the standard of living. This will be achieved by the provision of social and educational structures like renovating and building of class rooms for school children, ICT Centre which will help the school children to learn about the basics in computer and more, renovating and building new market structures for market women in the Community, state of the art toilet fascilities and the provision of bore holes to provide good drinking water to the people.

ii. Building of human capacity. This will be done by training the people in their chosen vocations to acquire the required skills to start, manage and maintain and sustain their individual businesses.

iii. To assist the Communities with solutions to any identified challenges and help implement the suggested steps and train them in how to sustain the remedies advised.