Leonard Francis Grundy Foundation

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7115 Belhaven Blvd.
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About Us

The L. F. Grundy Institute for Higher Learning, has announced its conception and is going to make it possible for everyone to go to college and advance their life for a cost of $10 dollars per student per month while enrolled. Everyone has asked for someone to help them get a cheaper higher education, we have the plan to see it happens. Right now 35 million could start getting a college degrees on-line starting Jan. 1, 2009 if we raise the money (380 Million Dollars) to start our school. We are selling our school shirts, hats and mouse pads, we want no donations, just the sales of our school wears will raise the funds. We will teach all the basic courses for now and as we grow we will move into the medical fields and research fields. We need volunteers to print our flyer from our web page and pass them out to everyone. This is how we will raise the money needed to open our college. Please offer your help. Thank You. You can get more info at our web site www.grundyfoundation.org