Central Jersey Arts Charter School

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1225 South Avenue
United States

About Us

The mission of The Central Jersey Arts Charter School is to instill in the children of Plainfield a desire to learn and to grow academically and socially. The Arts will be used as a vehicle to inspire children. It will also serve as an avenue through which all students will have the opportunity to incorporate and to synthesize material learned to provide them with critical thinking skills to manage situations both in and out of the classroom.

Literacy and Language Arts, along with the other Core Curriculum Content Standards, will provide the basis for a strong academic base. An active dynamic arts program and character education emphasizing individual and community responsibility will provide a strong, positive background necessary to make appropriate life choices in the future. The emphasis on academic achievement will provide the tools, skills and knowledge the learners will need to perform above the state averages on Statewide Assessment Program tests and to achieve exemplary grades in all subject matter areas. This will open doors to the high school of their choice and encourage them to follow any avenue for higher education that they should choose.