San Antonio Kids Exchange

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1818 San Pedro
San Antonio
United States

About Us

The mission of San Antonio Kids Exchange is to work in partnership with local agencies to build healthy families where children can develop and maintain a positive relationship with both parents. Through a multi-faceted approach, San Antonio Kids Exchange is able to work with all levels of the family: residential parents, non-residential parents, additional care givers and children. San Antonio Kids Exchange lives its mission by meeting the following goals: (1) to provide a safe, monitored and child-focused environment for children of separation or divorce to successfully maintain contact with both parents; (2) to provide education for parents to appropriately meet the developmental needs of their children; (3) to assist parents and children in integrating within their new family structure after separation or divorce; (4) to facilitate the healing that must occur before a healthy relationship can be established between a parent and a child; (5) to educate parents regarding the impact of parental conflict on their child’s development; (6) to increase the likelihood that both parents will remain active in the lives of their children.