Born Again Club


17 Eburu Street
Okumagba Avenue


About Us

Born Again Club

The mission of the Born Again Club is to bring believers in the Body of Christ in love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, celebrating the fullness of life in all knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual, social and moral understanding of God and the father of our Lord Jesus Christ to become good citizens and leaders and impacting the lives positively – educationally, spiritually and socially and morally of unsaved people in our today world.


Making believers in Body of Christ live a happy and creating a place where believers can exercise the fullness of joy of life with the kingdom principle, moral and values. And leading other people to their glorious destiny with their God given potentials and gifts to enjoy the privilege of living holy life to produce a hundredfold blessing in their lives.

Value statement

To edify the body of Christ in truth and in spirit so that their light will shine in this world - influencing Global Issues.

Aims and objectives

Reach out to Local, National and International churches and Christians Organization and Religious Organization programs such as annual conferences, events, camp meetings and providing them with basic needs like food, shelter and drinks and other logistics supports.

Join force to fight against deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS and Institutional Child Abuse in our Global Societies with the kingdom of God principles.

Organizing educational, social and moral programs to help Christians to interact with one another warm meekness and becoming efficient leaders in our societies.

Combating crime (sin) by changing life’s of unbelievers all over the world to know Jesus Christ as their lord and savoir to come into the joy of fullness of God by distributing Tracks, youth evangelism and other TV programs.

Establishing a place where Christians and people can edify the sprit, soul and body, such as entertainment programs, drams, cultural displays, fast food restaurant, African Foods, library, cyber cafe, TV room, and sports to make up our lost and sinful world.