Metropolitan Housing Coalition

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About Us

The Metropolitan Housing Coalition exists to bring together this community's private and public resources to provide equitable, accessible housing opportunities for all people though advocacy, public education and support for affordable housing providers.

  • MHC advocates for affordable, decent housing policies in the metropolitan region, state and nation by outlining and advancing legislative priorities that have included Kentucky Affordable Housing Trust Fund, the Alternative Development Incentives in the Land Development Code, and legislation creating a funding source for Individual Development Accounts for Homeownership, among others.
  • MHC also identifies emerging and long-standing trends and issues in affordable housing, as well as the key players involved, in order to craft appropriate responses/policy.
  • MHC articulates a compelling public education campaign for affordable housing by maintaining a public presence via the media and public statements on behalf of the organization and our members. MHC organizes regular General Membership meetings in order to bring pertinent issues before its membership. Recent meetings have explored immigrant housing concerns, tenant organizing, the growing income gap, and fair housing for people with disabilities. We publish a newsletter that reaches 900 people ten times a year.
  • MHC conducts and compiles research relevant to housing in the metropolitan region.
  • MHC also works to promote innovative, cooperative, capacity-building relationships and ventures between MHC members representing lenders, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations and governmental programs. To accomplish this goal, we administer the Kentucky Housing Corporation Non-profit Housing Repair and Loan Program in the metropolitan area, providing low-interest loans to non-profit builders to ensure the creation of affordable housing. MHC also facilitates groups, programs, or organizations with common aims to strengthen systems related to housing ventures.