Asociación TÚ, MUJER, Inc.

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About Us

The Association TÚ, MUJER Inc., is a nongovernmental organization of social intervention founded in 1986 and incorporated under the Legislation of the Dominican Republic. It promotes equal and fair participation for women and men in all instances where decisions are made public. It accompanies research in the processes of community development, territorial coordination, social debates and political advocacy.

The Association TÚ, MUJER, focuses on the search for a society that exceeds the economic, social, political, and cultural inequities between men and women; where access to human rights helps to overcome poverty and social exclusion in general; where gender equality, equity and parity are an objective reality that allows the exercise of citizenship.

To fulfill its mission, TÚ, MUJER, facilitates processes of social intervention, education and training, including access to services and activities in the fields of health, sanitation, education, gender, literacy, advocacy, support and prevention of violence against women, environmental rehabilitation and community organizing, support and guidance to young people and teenagers and community micro-credit in poverty. We also conducted applied research to serve as input for the design, implementation and monitoring of public policy intervention to systematize and deepen knowledge of the secular and emerging social, economic and cultural problems.