Council for Responsible Sport

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About Us

The Council for Responsible Sport is about inspired innovation and unprecedented collaboration. Sport has the ability to end wars, bring people together, and inspire widespread cultural change, yet with respect to the environment, sports lags far behind other industries. The Council was developed to provide a valuable roadmap and the resources necessary for incorporating tenets of social and environmental responsibility in sport.

The mission of the Council is to use sport as a vehicle to educate the public on the need for environmental protection and resource conservation. We provide events the opportunity to pursue and receive certification, leaders with peer-to-peer learning communities, online tools and case studies, as well as access to consultants to assist sport events, organizers, universities and national federations in their efforts to become more sustainable.

The Council for Responsible Sport believes in the strength of community partners and strong alliances to perpetuate systemic change. We strive to build alliances and forge cooperative solutions to effectuate change throughout the myriad sectors represented within the sports industry by leveraging existing tools and expertise that reside outside of our organization. Our Certification Program is modeled after the U.S. Green Building Council and Green Seal which certifies buildings and materials according to resource conservation and energy efficiency criteria.