Village Corps

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About Us

Village Corps aims to connect people, organizations, and businesses and provide a space for participants to create solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Despite the many good existing programs that work to provide much needed aid and service to the world’s poor, there are systemic forces at work that often undermine progress made in any one specific area.

We believe the problem stems from the fact that many groups deliver specific and valuable solutions to various needs – such as mosquito nets to prevent malaria, micro-loans for micro-enterprises and water pumps for micro-irrigation – yet these solutions are rarely coordinated in a comprehensive way to help a village develop sustainably.

Village Corps addresses this dilemma. We first empower the village to prioritize its needs, (for instance, the need for livestock, irrigation, clean water, sanitation, etc.) We then help them by providing access to partners that can deliver specific solutions. Partners then work with villages to implement solutions in a coordinated, systemic manner.

Village Corps is a partner of Aedi Group, which operates under a “co-profit” model, wherein business activities help to support non-profit goals. Learn more at