Organization United for Respect (OUR)

  • California


3758 Grand Avenue
PO Box 14
United States

About Us

OUR is a dynamic organization of people working retail jobs dedicated to improving the lives of those working in the country’s largest job sector through peer workplace support and community building. OUR is a key driver in a new, dynamic movement that is changing the national conversation about low-wage work and empowering people with education around their workplace rights and community based resources so they can achieve job stability and improve working conditions.


OUR’s success derives from its investment in developing high level leadership from its base and using social media to connect people into communities of peer support and action. OUR is most known for OUR Walmart, a national organization of current and former Walmart associates that has achieved national scale and impact through an innovative fusion of workplace based and on-line outreach and education as well as strong community partnerships. Hundreds of leaders around the country anchor OUR Walmart’s work, and tens of thousands of retail workers in all 50 states use OUR Walmart’s tools at their work site or online. OUR Walmart members support each other, share information around their rights and resources, advocate for improved workplace conditions, share their stories publicly, propose policy improvements, participate in intensive leadership training, and build alliances with community partners.