Our Road Prison Project

  • California


3700 East 12th Street
Suite 2E
United States

About Us

We are building a road from prison to the community for men and women serving life with the possibility of parole.  We believe that those who are serving ‘life with the possibility of parole’ should have a second chance. They should have a fair shot at building a new life, with a job, a home, and full participation in the community. We want to actualize the ‘possibility for those serving ‘life with the possibility of parole.’ Our Road Prison Project offers an innovative, individualized approach that is designed to help bring these men and women home to their families, and transition back into the community

Our model: We utilize a team approach to support a successful transition home. We listen to our clients, and build upon their strengths to develop the tools they need to realize their goals. Our holistic approach addresses the barriers to successful transition. These include institutionalization, trauma, addiction, difficulty obtaining housing and jobs, as well as coming to terms with the serious crime they have committed. In addition, learning technology from using a smartphone to using online job boards is vital to their success. Our ethnically diverse team includes mental health clinicians, substance abuse counselors, and individuals who have formerly served a life sentence.