Cornu Abundantiae

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About Us

Cornu Abundantiae is a Support and Charity Fundation helping children around the world. Our current project is "White Manjusri Mountain," we are building a school for children in Nepal.

Mission: to help children improve by providing them with a versatile education;

Vision: Educated, tolerant, self-sufficient and free society

The mainobjectivesof the Fund

  • To reduce the difference in educational services
  • To provide young people who need assistance with equal access to education
  • To providesupport to children and young people;
  • To organise fundraising and charity events;
  • To educate people to be actively involved in spiritual and moral issues and to become valued members of society.
  • To provide charity and support in Lithuania and abroad, according to the procedure of laws and regulations.
  • To liaise with Lithuanian and foreign organizations, companies, associations and foundations;
  • To motivate gifted and talented children whose social status does not allow them to pursue higher education. To help them attain academic achievements in different fields by organizing exchange programs and give them the opportunity to participate in international volunteer programs
  • To collect and distribute humanitarian aid