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About Us

US Wheat Associates, Inc. (USW) is the overseas market development organization representing US wheat producers. USW encourages the growth of world consumption of US wheat and wheat products through a variety of activities and programs including market analysis, trade servicing, technical assistance and consumer promotion. USW has 15 overseas and two US offices, one of which is the headquarters office in Arlington, Virginia. USW is funded by wheat producers through their respective state organizations in 19 states as well as through contracts with Foreign Agricultural Service of the US Department of Agriculture and third party cooperators overseas.

The USW overseas offices are currently staffed by nine US citizens plus more than fifty local nationals. This knowledgeable, professional staff has primary responsibility for understanding the local markets, conceiving market development projects, developing the documentation required to secure funding for these projects, implementing the projects, accounting for the expenditure of funds and evaluating the projects. Consultants are used when needed to supplement either the expertise or staff time available in the overseas offices.

The program conducted by the overseas offices is supported and supervised by USW's two US offices, one in Arlington, Virginia, and one in Portland, Oregon. During the process of project selection and approval, the Arlington office provides overall guidance on the allocation of resources available to the overseas offices, reviews and compiles the documentation prepared by the overseas offices, and presents the documentation to FAS. Arlington and Portland office staff provide logistical support in the form of hiring of US consultants, scheduling of travel to or from the US, purchasing of equipment from the US, etc. The Arlington office staff also advises the overseas office staff on issues concerning contracting and regulations and provides finance and audit support.