Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc.

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8787 State Street, Suite 101
East St. Louis
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About Us

Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc. is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation. We provide free civil legal services to low-income persons and senior citizens in 65 counties in central and southern Illinois. We believe all people of central and southern Illinois should have access to justice, income security, adequate housing, quality education, healthcare, safety from violence and exploitation, and the opportunity to improve their own lives.

It is the mission of Land of Lincoln's Education Advocacy Project to advocate for the educational rights of children and to support and empower parents and teachers in their efforts to provide chidlren with a quality education and strong academic foundation. Located in one of the poorest cities in the country, with a school system that has failed to meet AYP and state standard for years, the Education Advocacy Project was designed to ensure that registered children do not fall through the cracks and get lost.