Charlotte Urban Farm Project

  • NC


United States

About Us

Healthy food, healthy people, and a healthy planet are not luxuries. Founded as a project in 2011, we are a start-up based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. We aim to provide the space for communities to produce healthy food, healthy people, and a healthy planet for generations to come. Through production of healthy food, we will provide job training opportunities, educational programs, and health

programs that will begin to create a solid foundation upon which the community can empower itself. We are the first project of this kind in Charlotte. Beginning with our first farm plot in the middle of downtown Charlotte, we are establishing a network of farms across the metro Charlotte area in order to bring the farm to the community.

We aim to produce healthy, fresh, pesticide-free food that is produced locally by people that live and thrive in the community itself. We are empowering our community to provide not only healthy food but also to open the door for job training, employment, education, and community building. The more we can produce for ourselves, the more self-sufficient we become.

We aim to improve the health of the community by providing the space for empowerment. As access to healthy food, healthcare, and jobs is more limited than it has been for a long time, communities should have options to provide for themselves. As our project grows, we aim to foster community through the support of local farmers markets, local organizations, local colleges and universities, and local residents with the goal of involving as many people as possible in every different aspect of the farm.

Finally, we aim to grow our healthy food and our healthy community while taking care to do all the we can to ensure the healthy future of our planet for generations of farmers and community members to come. Farming in our communities using methods of organic agriculture, composting, and recycling allows us to cut down on our negative environmental contribution. Opportunities for education and training in environmental issues, health issues, and farming techniques will allow for our generation to equip future generations to be more aware, prepared stewards of not only our communities but of the world.