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About Us

New Life Christian Relief Foundation (NLCRF) Ghana is a local grassroots, humanitarian, non-profit/non-governmental organisation. NLCRF was formed with the effort to promoting greater self-reliance in development aid projects by serving the poorer sections of the local population in need and to motivate aid agencies to support recipients in both rura and urban communities in order to reduce disproportionate poverty within communities in Ghana. NLCRF,supports and promote the exchange of ideas, and information from credible institutions in helping to address the problems of under- development. NLCRF's community project reinforces on community development projects among others. Among our aims include the following: To Spread the Gosple to the unreached in our communities and the rural areas. Providing spiritual help, through prayers, to the oppresed espercially the mentally deranged. and to promote and care for the environment. New Life Christian Relief Foundation (NLCRF) Ghana is dedicated in addressing some of the urgent needs affecting mainly youths and children of our society, such as: Education, Unemployment, Volunteer placement, lack of right information and counseling, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS.

New Life Christian Relief Foundation (NLCRF) Ghana also offer placement for volunteers, both local and international volunteers. We offer volunteer placements to individuals and groups who are interested in working in Africa (Ghana), mainly for humanitarian reasons, or for working experience.

We will locate a suitable attachment of your desire that will merge with your expectation, whereby you can gain full knowledge and experience of life, in a different part of the world. This can range from 2-4 weeks and above.

Where to Stay In order to fully understand and experience Ghanaian culture, we will place all our volunteers live with local Gambian families, who will share their home /apartment with them.

Volunteers ready to work in various areas of development in the commmunity. To help improve humanity and create a better living condition for mankind. Volunteer opportunities, ranges from Education, to Medical,We provide opportunity in any area of interest to our volunteers.