Schools of Peace Foundation

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About Us


The Schools of Peace Foundation (Fundación Escuelas de Paz) is a collective project of professionals and volunteers who are committed to the construction of Cultures of Peace and the proactive exercise of Human Rights. We are an interdisciplinary team that is itself part of a wide network of national and international institutions promoting new Cultures of Peace all around the world.


We strive to convert both formal and non-formal education into effective tools that bring us closer to our collective dream of peace and social justice. We envision a future where everyone can benefit from a suitable environment in which new Cultures of Peace can be developed and nurtured on all levels and from the inside out. We trust in the great capacity of transformation that is inherent to every person and society, and we feel that any educational space can be converted into a stronghold for the learning of peace with oneself, with others and with nature.


We initiate, energize, manage and execute peace education projects that strengthen youth, teachers, schools and communities in their capacities to promote the construction of Cultures of Peace. We create and support networks as well as partner organizations and civil society at large through capacity building, research and consultancies. We convert peace education into an experience based on participation, constant learning and the empowerment of all involved actors. Propelled by this vision we are proud to be one of the leading organizations in this field in Colombia, so far transforming the lives of more than 120 schools, 1.000 teachers and 25.000 children since 2001.


Internships and Volunteering

We are always looking for dedicated individuals, both from Colombia and internationally, who would like to contribute to our work and projects in order to foster their own peace-learning skills and competencies. If you are inspired by our approach do not hesitate to contact us.