Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods

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4815 NE 7th Avenue
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About Us

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) is a nonprofit organization based in NE Portland that serves 12 diverse neighborhood associations and over 62,000 people. NECN is one of seven neighborhood coalitions in Portland, all of which are affiliated with the City’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement. 

The Coalition provides a range of services including training, orientation, information, consultation, and technical assistance to support residents, community organizations, and neighborhood associations of NE Portland. We strive to promote civic involvement, livability and community building in and among the 12 neighborhoods we serve. 

The neighborhoods in our service area include: Alameda, Boise, Concordia, Eliot, Grant Park, Humboldt, Irvington, King, Sabin, Sullivan's Gulch, Vernon, Woodlawn.