Girls Rural

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10156 Highway 28 West
United States

About Us

Girls Rural is a volunteer organization created to empower girls living in RURAL areas culturally, socially, economically and politically through exciting research driven programming, sound mentoring, community outreach and activism.

It is our aim to raise awareness and consciousness of the issues affecting girls living in these areas and bring this awareness to the larger community through leadership and community advocacy.


To empower girls to have self confidence to make their own decisions, voice their opinion, and have the opportunity to make positive choices for the future.

To inform girls of important issues and give them strategies, resources and support when facing these issues in their daily lives.

To give girls an opportunity to connect with the community and advocate the issues to other youth through monthly action projects.

Core Values

EMPOWERMENT - We strive to empower girls to make positive choices and gain self confidence/esteem and awareness to contribute to society.

EDUCATION - We strive to educate girls in a spirited informal environment. Each month we will have monthly themes that center around an important relevant issue. We will educate using discussions, handouts, community organization presentations, guest speakers, powerpoint presentations and more.

ADVOCACY - We encourage girls to become more aware of other community resources and organizations by identifying community resources, encouraging partnerships with other organizations, having presentations from other community organizations and planning our monthly action projects.