D-tree International

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About Us

D-tree International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the United States, Tanzania and Malawi. We are dedicated to improving the quality of health care available to the world's poor by using innovative technology to provide accurate and effective point-of-care diagnosis and treatment.

The goal of D-tree is to significantly reduce the high rates of serious illness and premature death from preventable and treatable diseases worldwide. At the core of this approach is the development and use of treatment protocols for the most commonly diagnosed illnesses based on best field practices. The protocols are programmed onto inexpensive mobile phones for use by frontline health workers in both clinical and community settings.

Our Organizational Vision is a world in which every person has access to high quality health care.

Our Mission is to develop and support electronic clinical protocols that enable health workers worldwide to deliver high quality care.

What We Do is:

  1. Develop and validate clinical algorithms for use by health workers
  2. Design software for delivering these algorithms on cell phones
  3. Enable the effective use of these algorithms on a scalable basis.

What makes us different is the use of technology to link community and clinic based care, our partnership model in which we support rather than supplant existing health systems, and practical on-the-ground application based on rigorous scientific studies.