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About Us

National People’s Action Campaign seeks to win progressive issues and electoral campaigns and build a grassroots progressive political infrastructure that can reshape the landscape of politics of our country- to put people people first.

National People’s Action Campaign public policy work is rooted in our Long Term Agenda for A People’s Economy. NPAC works to

- Stop predatory banking practices
- To raise revenue from the 1% to fund the common good for the 99% - Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform
- Win living wage jobs for all
- and more!

Affiliates are working on campaigns to stop corporate farming, end “stop and frisk,” pass single-payer healthcare, establish state owned banks among dozens of other issues.

Specific Tactics & Strategies

- Increasing progressive political power of communities of color
- Engaging swing voters on core progressive values
- Running issue campaigns that win elections that advance bold people-power public


- Electing grassroots progressive leaders from the movement
- Building volunteer powered and lead election programs
- Raising independent money to fund movement
- Forming paid membership recruitment canvasses
- Direct actions on candidates and elected officials to support our bold policy agenda - Building online organizing power in community organizations.

National People’s Action Campaign is building a movement to put people and the planet before profits. By working together to create a new pole in American politics, we believe we can forge a more just and sustainable future.

Today in America, we face a triple crisis: inequality is soaring, our democracy is broken, and our planet is on the brink of environmental catastrophe.

The good news is that when people get organized and take action, they can change the course of big things. We believe we can shift the way our economy and politics work by putting the voices of everyday people at the center. We are doing it every day and it is starting to add up.

Join the effort to build a new equitable economy, a truer democracy and to fight for policies that protect our planet instead of catering to the narrow interests of corporations.

National People’s Action Campaign Join the movement.