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About Us

Vision - To be a leader in rehabilitation research and grantmaking to improve independence and productivity for people with disabilities.

Mission - To improve quality of life for people with disabilities through discovery, innovation, demonstration, application, and dissemination.


More than sixty years ago, Henry H. Kessler, MD, PhD, founded Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, where he established a comprehensive program of rehabilitation medicine aimed at providing the opportunity for people with disabilities to lead full and productive lives. For Dr. Kessler, rehabilitation encompassed patient care, education, research, vocational research, and specially trained personnel. Dr. Kessler's legacy is apparent today in the institutions that bear his name. In the mid-1980's Kessler Foundation was created to support rehabilitation research and the efforts of other organizations that serve people with disabilities. In 2003, Kessler Foundation sold Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation to Select Medical Corporation, a national for-profit provider of rehabilitation services.


Kessler Foundation maintains its charitable role as supporter of the non-profit Kessler Foundation Research Center and other entities dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. Kessler Foundation Research Center's laboratories collaborate closely with Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation ensuring that research projects prioritize the needs of people undergoing rehabilitation.