LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)

  • CA


6522 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) is a contemporary visual arts institution that encourages people and projects working across diverse creative forms to interrogate the boundaries of culture and artistic practice. LACE exhibitions, performances, screenings, dialogs and other public forums strive to inspire the public imagination and to expand interactions between art and audience. Located in the heart of Hollywood, LACE contributes to the activation of Los Angeles' urban landscape and champions art's ability to engage with the timely issues that shape local and global life.

LACE originated from a need for a Los Angeles venue that supports, exhibits and advocates innovations in art-making. Since its inception in 1978, programs at LACE have provided the impetus for dialogue about contemporary arts and culture. By encouraging experimentation, LACE has nurtured not only several generations of young and under-recognized artists, but also newly emerging art forms such as performance art, installation-based work, video art and artwork created with digital technologies. LACE is a dynamic venue for artistic exploration, a promoter of innovative art, a supporter of living artists, and an educator of audiences about contemporary art and the art-making process.