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About Us

M-Changa, a social enterprise based in Nairobi,  brings transparency to nearly any type of fundraising using the power of mobile. So far we've helped weddings, funerals, schools and community raise money for causes they care deeply about.

We are deeply committed to causes advocated on our platform and, in some cases, provide matching funds to support certain causes.

Changa Labs is the sister NGO to M-Changa. 

Changa Lab’s mission is to conduct groundbreaking financial inclusion research, and provide leadership in the areas of mobile and digital philanthropy, especially as it relates to sub-Saharan Africa. The organization’s two primary roles are:

1.     To conduct and learn from, participatory research into traditional practices of community fundraising and entrustment, especially as it relates to emerging fintech technologies and the dispersion of fundraising actors across nations and continents.

2.     To foster innovation that dramatically improves the ability of community members across the developing world to effectively launch, execute and scale community led fundraising initiatives.