Foundation for Post Conflict Development

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About Us

The Foundation for Post Conflict Development (FPCD) is a 501(c)3 status not-for-profit organization based out of New York City that was officially incorporated on April 25, 2005. The FPCD is a United Nations affiliated organization that aligns itself with the ideals and goals of the UN, having signed both the UN Global Compact and the UN Charter. We work to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals, as set forth by the UN in the year 2000.

The FPCD focuses on nurturing these goals in post- conflict nations that are vulnerable and require extra assistance. We work mainly in the small island nation of Timor- Leste in three major areas: the reduction of the child mortality rate and the improvement of maternal health through our construction of maternity clinics, the improvement of environmental sustainability and decline of extreme hunger through our reforestation and kitchen garden projects, and the improvement of children education and encouragement through our construction of youth centers. We approach each project in three steps: Education, Action, Development.

EDUCATION Countries emerging from conflict have special needs, and the FPCD raises the public’s awareness of these needs. The FPCD, through its comprehensive website, newsletters, organization of/ participation in conferences, roundtables, training programs and seminars, promotes the work of the United Nations in post conflict nations, as well as the continuing needs that must be fulfilled.

The UN Development Programme’s Human Development Report, the yearly publication that presents accurate development statistics, helps us determine the progress made in the quality of life in post-conflict nations so we can better inform and inspire further change.

ACTION The FPCD works both by implementing its own projects and by creating awareness and raising funds for outside projects that fulfill one of the FPCD’s goals. Through creating relationships between donors and those in need, between organizations with ideas and organizations with funds, and between post conflict nations and the FPCD, we channel necessary funds into any project that we feel will bring further development to a post conflict nation.The FPCD does not just build projects, we follow it through. We make site visits, we plan construction sites, and we make sure that solid action is taken to ensure solid change.

DEVELOPMENT The FPCD finds local committees or organizations that will use funds given to them to construct maternity clinics and youth centers, and to implement family gardening and reforestation, all in an honest and transparent process that fulfills the goals initially set forth for each project. We then watch these projects flourish and communities develop in their stead. In this way, the Foundation helps relieve suffering and builds healthier communities, while helping these communities become better equipped to educate themselves, ensuring a more peaceful and prosperous future. We believe that each step towards creating healthier and more sustainable communities will bring about further change that will snowball into a quickly developing and non-violent nation. After all, strength fosters strength, so the more developed a nation is in one area, the more positive development it attracts to its other areas. This is why every step towards helping a post conflict nation will bring about much greater development in the long run.