Super Duper Arts Camp

  • CA


1027 N Cole Ave
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

The Mission:

At Super Duper Arts Camp, our mission starts with creating the most fun and enriching camp experience possible, comprised of programming that is diversified, age-appropriate and engaging, and is facilitated by an exceptional staff that understand and are able to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, and developmental needs of our campers.

But it goes beyond that.

The Philosophy:

Our growth-centered philosophy is rooted in the fundamental concept that children never stop learning or growing and, therefore, every moment in the life of a child is a teachable moment.

Our entire program is built on this understanding. Everything we do is designed to not only to be fun and educational on a face-value level, but to also teach, on a deeper level, things such as kindness, compassion, respect, responsibility, accountability, positive communication, cooperation, open-mindedness, resourcefulness, and self-confidence. We employ a wide variety of arts, activities and experiences as a vehicle for developing these important personal skills and abilities. The common thread underlying these activities is the opportunity for creativity and self-expression, which we believe is at the root of developing the self-confidence and sence of agency that can empower a child to reach his or her fullest potential.

The Vision:

To achieve the fulfillment of our mission, we’ve designed a program that evolves with each camper as they grow into each new stage of life. We strive to create for our campers an environment and a community that feel like a home away from home, where we can watch (and help) them grow up right before our eyes from young children to teens & pre-teens discovering themselves, to young adults who are ready to put their mark on the world. Our ultimate vision is see our campers complete the cycle from camper, to CIT, to counselor, empowering the next generation of Super Duperers.