ChildFund Alliance

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About Us

ChildFund Alliance is an effective global network of child-centered development organizations working in the poorest countries around the world to create opportunities for disadvantaged children. The mission of each ChildFund Alliance member has always been to create long-term, sustainable, community-based solutions to development problems affecting children and their families.

In joining together the great strengths of its member organizations, ChildFund Alliance combines and expands the reach and scope of its members to better meet the overwhelming needs of children living in poverty. ChildFund Alliance members use a holistic approach, including child sponsorship, community and economic development, education, psychosocial support, food and safe water security and emergency aid to improve the lives of children in developing countries.

While each member organization retains its own distinct national identity and governance by national boards, collectively, ChildFund Alliance is a voice for children and an instrument for maintaining worldwide standards of performance, efficiency and accountability. The Alliance creates opportunities for pooled resources and collaborative activities, including programs at the regional level and shared fundraising activities.

Alliance members also believe in the open exchange of resources and information as a means of reaching more children in need more effectively, and members cooperate to share best practices in child survival, protection and development. Together, ChildFund Alliance members work to eradicate the root causes and the effects of poverty on children by implementing meaningful solutions resulting in positive future.