Baltimore Education Network

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About Us

The Baltimore Education Network (BEN) has as its vision that the public school system will provide a consistently excellent education to our students, as families, youth and community act as true partners in the education process and its decision-making. The mission of BEN is to support families, youth, and community in creating the agenda for how their schools can improve and using their individual and collective power to move this agenda. To accomplish this mission, BEN:

1) provides access to education information; 2) enhances participants' skills through trainings and workshops; and 3) facilitates dialogue and collective action among individuals and organizations.

BEN is known in the community as a welcoming place for learning, discussing, and acting together on the issues impacting our schools. It models and seeks to create a climate in the city where authentic parent, youth and community engagement is respected, valued and nurtured, and contributes to the improvement of the Baltimore City public schools.