The Galilee Society: The Arab National Society for Health Research and Services

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P.O. Box 330
Shefa 'Amr

About Us

The Galilee Society - the Arab National Society for Health Research and Services is the largest and longest-standing Palestinian NGO in Israel. The Galilee Society is committed to the achievement of equitable health, environmental, and socio-economic conditions and development opportunities for Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel. As such, the Society fosters and maintains alliances with local, regional, and international bodies from citizens' groups, municipal and local councils, professional associations, and international agencies. To date, the Galilee Society has established itself as a major provider of local community health, environmental, and development projects; as the standard bearer in health and environmental advocacy on behalf of Palestinian citizens of Israel and their elected representatives nationally; and as an active participant in the struggle for equity in health and development for national ethnic minorities in industrialized countries internationally. The Galilee Society promotes human and minority rights via social, economic and legal reform – thereby erasing the delineation of human rights and social development as distinct spheres – and pursues development within the guiding and inalienable framework of universal human rights.