Youth Development Organization, Inc.

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15 Union Street #563
United States

About Us

YDO's Mission is to grow a vibrant community of self-motivated learners and leaders by: 

1- offering high-quality educational activities, 

2- developing supportive long-term relationships, and 

3- providing personalized opportunities for success. 

YDO students, through our programs & collaborations, are able to participate in out-of-school enrichment spanning STEM disciplines, the performing & fine Arts, and leadership development. 

Since its founding, YDO has been an entrepreneurial organization, actively recruiting under-served, motivated students while aggressively seeking partnerships and developing programs that offer those students the very best educational experiences. Then, with close personal relationships and a strong sense of community, YDO wraps student engagement in support measures that lower barriers to participation. This approach enables YDO to create intentional, personalized pathways for students to broaden their exposure and build upon their strengths en route to post-secondary education and career success.