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About Us

Mission;To be the forefront in restoring the true worth of both the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in society to educate the poor, feed the hungry , clothe the naked, take care of the sick and strangers, shelter the homeless, create jobs or small business opportunities

History ;

Mr. Robert Gulemye is the vision bearer grew up in Kamuli district in an orphanage Maria Care with a foster mother (Maria Maw) from England who is now late (the founder of the orphanage). Robert grew up from the orphanage because his Dad was working as the Managing Director of Maria Care- the orphanage. After his death, Mrs. Maria Maw took care of these three little father-less children that is Robert and his other brothers (including Mr. Godfrey Kasenke one of VUAI's founders).

As Robert grew in Maria's Care (at the orphanage), visitors from overseas could come as volunteers to help the needy children in this organization as care takers /helpers. He started creating friendship with many of those who could come to volunteer and he learnt a lot of volunteerism things. The orphanage covered all his education until he attained a course in mechanical engineering of vehicle maintenance.

So since he know a lot of things to do with cars, some of the volunteers at Maria-Care and his friends who would come for voluntary work felt safer having him as their driver, driving them around Uganda, to different places as they do volunteerism. His position as a driver moving to different places gave him a long awaited chance of participating in field volunteerism.

Robert's participation in volunteerism enlarged his heart for people living in poor conditions in the east and northern areas of Uganda. In Northern Uganda, while working with other volunteers in war camps he tasted the reality that many were displaced, and depressed by wars. The experience changed Robert's heart completely and he realized he could do something to change people's lives, restore hope.

He also realized that any person small or big can cause a difference in another's life. He stepped into a realm of always wanting to pull suffering people from deep sorrows, extending hand to pull them form a valley deep sorrows and stagnant hard situations.

As Robert's conviction about helping people grew stronger, he invited like-minded people who were willing to serve others through charity and this led to the birth of an organization Volunteer256 Afrika International (VUAI).