Students with Ambition go to College

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About Us

Students With Ambition Go (SWAG) To College provides near-peer mentorship to underserved, low-income students at three levels. Our College Preparation program connects high school students with a college mentor to guide them through high school and the college application process. Our College Success program connects freshman and sophomores in college with an upperclassman on their campus to help them navigate the first two years of college. Finally, our Career Preparation program connects college juniors and seniors with young professionals to help them reach their career goals.

We launched SWAG To College in August 2015, and in our first three years, we have had several successes including:

  1. 409 low-income, first-generation high school students currently receiving mentorship
  2. 137 first-generation alumni persevering through college
  3. 83% College Matriculation Rate
  4. 61% College Persistence Rate
  5. 1,178 College Essays reviewed
  6. 46 College students connected with Young Professionals
  7. Over 2 million in scholarships earned